What is Exclusion Mode

In exclusion mode you can set only the time that you want change the action from the default action. Exemple you can set a post that as default is unpublished, than from the 9:00 to 10:00 set as PUBLISHED viagra prodaja. After 10:00 the post will come back in defautl configured status

What is Range Mode?

In Range mode you can easly schedule an action saying: from this time to this time PUBLISH, from this time to this time UNPUBLISH.... and so on.

What is Single Mode?

Single mode is a way to insert the time for the prefixed action (publish and unpublish) you can just say: at this time "PUBLISH" at this time  "UNPUBLISH" and so on.

Will it work with my theme

Yes, our plugins work independent of themes you are using. iIf your website is using WordPress, it will work.

What Wp Post Scheduler will do?

Wp Ps is a WordPress plugin built to publis and unpublish content at prefixed time each selected day of the week for each months of the year. All in automatic mode.