Schedule and recycle your wordpress posts and pages

With this wordpress plugin for schedule post your page/post can be published and unpublished each time you want then Wp Post Schedule will do it without lose a shot !!!

Wordpress post scheduler work as hourly daily and monthly schedulation for your post and pages

Screenshot wp post scheduler

RePublish old page/post

Using the publish and draft state of wordpress u can show and hide posts pages and custom posts on  your web site refreshing each time your content with many advantage also in seo



3 Different

Work with all kind
of custom posts

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Some Features

This wordpress plugin you can schedule post publication and unpublication using builtin features that will give you the possibility to schedule post and page hourly, daily and monthly.
You can us it to recycle old post and as a

wordpress plugin schedulation

Screenshoot wp plugin scheduler

Schedule it

Very easy, just schedule when the page/post have to be published/unpublished !!! Select the months, and the days of the week
more features


Just select at what time the post/page have to be pulished or unpublished during the day and every specified day of specifeid months the post/page will be set to published or draft state without lose one shot and will work as an auto post plugin schedule
more features
Post scheduler plugin screenshot

Publish and unpublish any post using time, day month


How Use It

Wp Post Schedule is easy to use as event scheduler post, post plugin, daily scheduler, weekly scheduler and monthly scheduler. You can use to repost old posts and pages and you can multiple schedule each post or page.
how use step 1 screenshot

[1] - Activate

In each pos/page/custom post you will find a panel "SCHEDULE" at very bottom there is a switch OFF/ON just activate the panel and all fields now are enabled,
Now for this item the scheduler is activated.

[2] - Schedule

Insert all information about the schedulation of this item. Insert the months, the days of the week and the daily time than the action to be executed. Select also the type of schedulation (Single, Range or Exclusion) 
how use step 2 screen shot post scheduler
Wordpress post scheduler plugin step 3

[3] - Save

When all information are configured, just click on save button and the schedulation will work based on the configured daily hours. In the image on the left the item will be unpublished ad 4.45 published om 9:25, unpublished on 15:35 and published on 21:35 for all the days of the week except for saturday and sunday of all months except for july and august.


Using the publish and draft state of wordpress u can show and hide posts pages and custom posts on  your web site refreshing each time your content with many advantage also in seo
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$ 20.00
One time fee
1 Wordpress

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$ 35.00
One time fee
Unlimited Wordpress

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Your pace of mind reusing your posts at specific time was never so easy like now with Wp Post Scheduler plugin

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